Why Tribe

Tribe leverages the power of a close-knit community of friends to help singles find love. The app enables select friends to assist in the mobile dating process through the evaluation of their single friend's matches, regardless of location.
Whether you are single, a concerned sibling, or just a friend, there is a role for you. With this community approach to dating, Tribe hopes to elevate the quality of interactions and foster mutual respect among mobile daters.

How it Works

Users indicate whether they are a 'single' or a 'non-dater' and then add friends to their Tribe network. When two single users indicate they like each other, a match occurs.
The two dater's are then temporarily blocked from talking with each other for 48 hours while their respective friend groups, or Tribes, evaluate the match's profile in the 'Ring of Fire'. Friends have the ability to scroll through the match's profile, provide a rating, and even chat with their friend about the match.

More features

About Us

Tribe was built to bring friends of singles into the mobile dating experience. In creating Tribe, we hoped to empower these caring friends and create a more secure & inclusive dating experience for singles. Your friends and family are your 1st love, so we thought, why not include them in the dating process.